About Me

I’m 26, a Sagittarius, and interested in loads of different things. Originally from the US, I have a bachelor’s in acting and psychology and I’m currently finishing my masters in the History and Theory of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I love music, nature, and archery when I am able. I go by TheArcher777 on most websites.


TheArcher, photograph by Ashley Bryner

I’ve been knitting for about two years now. I found a beautiful pattern on a great website, Knitty.com, called the Shipwreck Shawl and decided that I wanted to learn how to make it. So I went out, purchased a knitting book designed for younger girls learning to knit called Knitgrrl2 and some yarn, and taught myself how to knit the Full-of-holes scarf pattern contained within. From there, my technique for expanding my knitting has been to pick out a pattern I like and teach myself how to do it by trial and error.

I’ve recently developed an adoration for lace knitting. I love the challenge as it is very easy for me to get bored with repetitive patterns. My favorite pattern of late has been the Freya Shawl by Renate Haeckler. Shawls in generally definitely fill up most of my “Wish to Knit” list, but I have been looking to expand my talents of late.

Other crafts I enjoy include cross-stitching (which I taught myself), sewing (which my mother taught me), photography (which my best friend taught me), jewelry making (also taught by my best friend) as well as sporadic digital art.

About Archer’s Knits and Crafts

I love the creative process. My favorite blogs are ones where I’m allowed a window into how artists make their artwork, starting from inspiration, to line art, through to the finished product. I haven’t found many knitting and craft blogs that quite follow that same creative process in a way that catches my interest, so that is what I wish this blog to be. A peek into the fashion designer’s sketch book if you will: A chance to see ideas as they grow and expand into the finished product.

Also important is the tools and materials that go in to crafting.  I wish also to review and share the items that I use with my readers so that they too can be inspired to go out and make something that they haven’t before. Those are my goals.

Check me out on the following websites and feel free to friend me!:

Ravelry: TheArcher777

Etsy: TheArcher’s Stall (Shop empty for now)


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