Shop Review: k1 Yarns Knitting Boutique

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Knitting, Reviews, Shops
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Edinburgh's Most Photographed Street

When I told some of my co-workers at Lush Towson Town Center that I would be going to Edinburgh to study abroad for a year one of the things they asked me (in addition to sending some of the fabulous U.K. exclusives that Lush sells over here) was if I would be willing to send them some of the beautiful yarns that Scotland is well known for. The first shop that popped up in my search when I arrived in the city was k1 Yarns Knitting Boutique and it is currently my go-to shop here in Edinburgh.

This cute little shop is nestled in the Old Town area of Edinburgh at 89 West Bow Street, tucked in next to some gorgeous artisan shops where one can find hand made jewelry and beautiful artwork. Heralded as the most photographed street in Edinburgh, West Bow is just one street over from the Royal Mile, making it a short walk down from Edinburgh Castle.

These recycled newspaper bags are really cool!

The atmosphere when you walk in is so calm and relaxing. There are even some comfy chairs set up in the middle of the floor so you can take a seat and knit or crochet to your heart’s delight for awhile! But the most impressive part, I think, is the wide range of yarns that k1 Yarns stocks. According to the website, the owner, Katherine, has an “obsession” with finding and supplying unique and beautiful yarns for her customers. She certainly delivers! One half of the shop contains a stunning palette of yarns from all across the globe in remarkable colors and textures. The other half is stocked nearly exclusively with yarns from independent producers in Scotland. It even carries its own line of yarn named Selkie, a beautiful 5 ply blend of cashmere and merino. And, of course, it carries a range of needles, hooks, and patterns. One of my favorite things is that they use these really cool recycled newspaper bags at checkout made by a company that uses their proceeds to help street children in Delhi, India.

k1 Yarns Knitting Boutique

k1 Yarns offers some great crochet and knitting classes for all levels, including beginners as well as a periodic lace workshop. If you shop in, make sure you get one of their frequent shopper cards: for every 10 pounds you spend, you get a stamp. After 10 stamps, you received 10 pounds off your next purchase! They also sell their collection of yarns in their online shop, which ships throughout the U.K., Europe, and North America (so I’ll be able to order their beautiful Scottish yarns when I go home!). So if you find your self in Edinburgh, hunt these guys down. You’ll love what you find!



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