Design: F.Y.E. Concept

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Design, Knitting
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As I sat down to plan out what it was that I wanted to design to use the gorgeous yarn that inspired me in my last post, I tried to think about what kind of clothing might be seen in one of Mr. Lambert’s music videos. The first thing that popped into my head was some sort of corset or waist cincher.

This could pass for dragon scales...right?

But the tricky thing I also had to consider was the price of the yarn. I don’t mind paying more for high quality components, but I do want to make sure I can get as much mileage out of the yarn as possible. And that is when I remembered a stitch design I had been looking at just the night before on Knitting on the Net. You see, I also have a design in my head for dragon inspired shawl and was attempting to find a suitable pattern that could resemble dragon scales (more on that design in an upcoming post). For the F.Y.E. design, I thought, I could make the background color black and the diamond patterns in the green and purple Lambert yarn. So I ran with it.

The basic shape and concept for the waist cincher.

The next step was to begin sketching out my design ideas. I quickly doodled out the basic shape for my waist cincher. This design is somewhat reminiscent of another waist scarf pattern that is available for free (and we love free things!) called Bravado. It is a simple yet beautiful scarf that I highly recommend; I’ve been wanting to try it myself for awhile. But where that one is simply a scarf, I wanted this design to be slightly more sophisticated. I got the idea to have the wrap around ends attach via a buckle rather than a tied cord. And of course the shape itself is more a diamond than a triangle.

A breakdown of the design.

Next I started to break down how I was going to have to construct this design. Not having a tape measure on me, a friend of mine directed me to a highly amusing website of ways to measure things without a tape measure or ruler. Turns out an American dollar bill is 6 inches long, so I used it to get a rough idea of my measurements. (I’m sure I looked ridiculous sizing that bill up to my waist!) But I believe that I now have a fair idea of how to go about building my pattern. Looking at what yarns weights are available on Decadent Fiber‘s site, as well as taking a few tips off of the Bravado design, I have decided to go with DK weighted yarns. DK weight is sturdy enough for a belt like garment and yet isn’t too bulky to feel like an inter-tube around my waist!

Matching arm warmers to complete the look!

The waist cincher with the proposed tank top.

I’m extremely excited to start knitting this pattern to see how it comes out. I’m so excited that I actually came up with the idea to design two other articles of clothing to go with the waist cincher! I have envisioned a see through tank top to be worn with the cincher, perhaps in a grey or silver color. In addition to that, I hope to make a set of arm warmers that will be in the same black and green/purple colors of the cincher. I think all together it will make one rockin’ outfit. All it will be missing is a top hat!

My next step is to make a mock up of the design. As I’m still in Scotland and don’t feel like paying overseas shipping costs (and I don’t want to accidentally ruin the yarn), I plan on going out and getting a different, similar weight yarn to make my prototype once I finish the shawl I am currently working on. So stay tuned to see how my very first design turns out!

  1. Shannon says:

    Came over from Ravelry…your blog is beautifully set out…and we love the first posts…definitely going to be a blog to follow!
    We are also new at this…though we have been making buttons for over 25 years!
    You may enjoy using some of our handpainted buttons in your designs…
    Good luck with your new ventures…
    Greetings from south africa

    our blog is.

    • TheArcher777 says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! I do hope you enjoy what I have planned for this blog! Your buttons are beautiful and I shall certainly keep them in mind for future ideas. 🙂

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