Design: “F.Y.E.” Inspiration

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Design, Inspiration, Knitting
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So did you find the Easter Egg I hid in the last post? For those who missed it, it was a link to a recording of Adam Lambert’s “Down the Rabbit Hole“. I have serious obsession with that man and, not surprisingly, his music was the origins of my inspiration for this design.

Now, I am frequently inspired by music. I have gotten ideas for stories, artwork, costumes, scripts, etc. from listening to the music of some of my favorite bands and singers. In this case, though, this idea came from a combination of both the music and a yarn. I was poking around Ravelry, looking for online yarn stores, when I discovered Decadent Fibers. These guys are amazing! They sell their own blends of yarn, is several different varieties and weights, all of which they hand dye. But the most unique part about them is that they dye all of their yarns to order! So your yarn is dyed specifically for you. (I imagine this helps them out with storage as well!) They have several beautiful, unique colorways to choose from or you can request your own blend of colors if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

From Decadent Yarns: "Adam Lambert "What Do You Want From Me?" an excitingly bizarre, pleasantly likeable charcoal, black and grasshopper."

I am certain these are people after my own heart: not only to they have an amazing variety of beautiful colorways, not only was it their yarn used to design the Dakota Wheat Shawl (one of my favorite shawls from the cover of The Prayer Shawl Companion (See all Knitting Craft Books)), but they have also designed a yarn inspired by Mr. Lambert! I absolutely adore the blend of greens and purples in this yarn. When saw it, I knew that just HAD to make something with this yarn! So I decided to design something specifically for it.

However, because the yarn is on the pricey side (it starts around $30 per skein, but completely understandable for hand dyed to order fiber) I decided I needed a design that wouldn’t use too much yarn, but still show case the gorgeous colors all while keeping true to the edgy glam rock aesthetic that Adam Lambert is known for.

And so, the idea for my design “F.Y.E.” was born! Stay tuned for a peek into how I’ve started designing the construction. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself entertained with this:


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